Procedures to Ownership

Coastal Timeshare Creations requires a complete understanding to the vacation ownership option including but limited to:

  • Resort Location
  • Weeks Exchange System vs. Points Exchange System
  • Maintenance Fees
  • Pre-Owned Pricing
  • Deeded Inventory vs. Lease

Since we don’t offer inventory for one specific developer in the system, our company can help you analyze your current timeshare investments and offer unbiased guidance in the event you wish to upgrade or purchase an additional timeshare.

We prefer to meet one on one to form relationships with our owners. Because of our special pricing in the industry, many of our clients have referred others to our company. Our deeded inventory transactions are processed by a local attorney or national title company to ensure a complete and accurate transaction. All rescission guidelines are clearly marked on every contract.

All clients receive a copy of all contracts at the point of sale and processing begins immediately.